2020 RSW 139th Annual Open Exhibition, RSA, Edinburgh


2019 PAI 131st Annual Exhibition, Paisley

         Cowal Open Studios, Argyll

         COS @ Cass, Glasgow

2018 Cowal Open Studios, Argyll


2016 Small Works – Water Street Gallery, Todmorden

         People’s Art – Touchstones, Rochdale


2015 Small Works – Water Street Gallery, Todmorden

         Group exhibition with Noreen White and Christine Clarke – Hollingworth Lake Visitor Centre, Littleborough


2014 Small Works – Water Street Gallery, Todmorden

         People’s Art - Touchstones, Rochdale

         Garden of Earthly Delights – Water Street Gallery, Todmorden


2012 Small Works – Water Street Gallery, Todmorden

         How Does Your Garden Grow? – Bankfield Museum, Halifax (ImagEngine group exhibition)

         Miniatures – Cupola Gallery, Sheffield


2011 Just in Case… - Water Street Gallery, Todmorden

         Home – Littleborough Coach House (ImagEngine)

         Different Threads – Touchstones, Rochdale (ImagEngine)


2009 New Work – Littleborough Coach House (ImagEngine)


2006 Offshoots – Touchstones, Rochdale (ImagEngine)

         Re-worked – Washington Gallery, Penarth (Group exhibition)


2005 Germinate – Bankley Gallery, Levenshulme (ImagEngine)

         Small Wonders – Littleborough Gallery (ImagEngine)


2004 Secret Gardens – Touchstones, Rochdale (ImagEngine)

         Parklife/Pondlife – Littleborough Coach House (ImagEngine)


2003 Meeting Places – Littleborough Coach House (ImagEngine)

         Creation – Littleborough Arts Week (ImagEngine)

         Skylight –  Wheatsheaf Library, Rochdale (ImagEngine)


2000 ArtWorks – Touchstones, Rochdale


1995 Con:Text  - Gardiner Arts Centre, Brighton


1994 Artists in Spain – Rye Art Gallery, Rye


1992 Women Artists’ Exhibition – Bilston Art Gallery


1991 Fabrications – Blackfriars Arts Centre


1990 Textile Arts: Multicultural Traditions –National touring Exhibition

         Decorative Things – Delahaye Gallery, Cirencester


1988 New British Embroidery Exhibition – National Touring Exhibition

         Adventures in Antiquity – Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham, joint exhibition Karina Thompson – Craftspace touring exhibition


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