About me

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I am a visual artist working in varied media from watercolour to mixed-media, collage and textiles. Organic shapes have long been a key focus of my work and I am fortunate to be living in Argyll, a stunning area of mountains, woodlands and coast. The inspiration for my current work comes from the collections of pebbles, seaweed and other objects which catch my attention because of their beautiful shapes, colour or texture. Shapes are arranged and combined to create compositions which explore layering, translucency and negative/positive space.

The translucent layers of watercolour are closely linked to my textile work, in which organza is dyed, painted, stitched and layered. I enjoy the element of chance that exists when shapes, mark-making and colour overlap. I also enjoy creating work in which certain elements are revealed whilst parts remain hidden or can only be discovered on taking a closer look.

I have for 30 years been involved in creating and exhibiting my work whilst also devising and leading workshops with adults and children and, for 9 years, teaching art in secondary schools. I enjoy enabling others to explore their creativity and learn new skills.



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